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Out West Races

A new Event for the West Coast that is going to grow yearly and be one for the calendar every year! The Out West Races will be bi-annually and will have HUGE money with open, youth, novice, senior, futurity, derby and our fun High Stakes Race! Lots of chances to win big!

Stallion Incentive 

This race is the start of a brand new stallion incentive to the West! A chance for stallions to get back for all the hard work they put in standing and promoting, there will be incentive races for the offspring that pay!


Get involved! 

Keeping it simple, there will be no buy in and no added fees for the first few years! For stallions it is just a donated breeding, for racers, just entry fees! Simple!


Goals for the future! 

for 2024, my goal is $10,000 for each race, April and September, and I hope to double that every year! See the other page for a link to rules.


Lots of fun! 

These races you won't want to miss! Stay tuned as details unfold

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