About Electro-Acuscope therapy


    An Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse Therapy system. It is an FDA approved MicroCurrent Modality designed with a biofeedback system and has been FDA approved for treating Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal conditions, pain management, and accelerating the recovery rate by a minimum of 50% when it is used properly.

   The biofeedback works with an internal computer circuitry programmed for the animals specifically to continuously monitor the area and adjust accordingly. It allows me to monitor the area before, during and after treatments to pinpoint areas that might be abnormal or normal without over stimulating.

   Acuscope is my primary instrument. It works with the Central Nervous system and gives me a digital reading that I can use to help to determine the areas to address. Digital readings are numbers that help to show me a few different things, the conductivity in the cells which is how much current they are able to hold, the resistance levels in the cells which is their ability to hold a healthy charge and the impedance levels which are blockages from injury, inflammation or other abnormalities. It also monitors the chemistry in the cells, mainly sodium and potassium that can indicate if the horse is dehydrated which can slow down the system and healing process.

   Acuscope has direct access to neuropathways in the central nervous system and indirect access to soft and connective tissues and bony areas. Myopulse is the companion instrument that works with the Acuscope to address all soft tissue areas.

   Myopulse works along side the Acuscope with direct access to all soft and connective tissues including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The Myopulse works to normalize the electromagnetic field that surrounds soft and connective tissue. It works with a different wave form for the best access to these structures in the body.

I offer a few different programs that you can find on the services page. All horses are required to start with the 3 day initial start pack to get the best results from my program in the future.

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What does it help with?

*Significantly improves range of motion and strength.

*Significantly reduces pain and inflammation.

*Significantly reduces rehabilitation/recovery time

*Significant improvement is available for Chronic degenerative conditions.

*Can improve way of life with reduced pain, increasing the range of motion and reducing or eliminating need for long term medications.


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